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FDP Charter Information Session (Q4-2022 exam)
There's never been a more crucial time to stand out. The transformative effect of data science on the finance industry requires today's finance professionals to understand the application of big data, data mining, workflow automation and machine learning in investment decisions.

The Financial Data Professional (FDP) is a global designation for investment professionals with data science skills.

The Financial Data Professional Institute (FDPI), established by CAIA Association, has designed a self-study program to provide financial professionals with an efficient path to learn the essential aspects of financial data science.  

Senior Advisor, Hossein Kazemi and Managing Director, Keith Black will share how you can obtain your Financial Data Professional credential.

Formal remarks of the presentation will last approximately 45 minutes, with 15 minutes for Q&A.


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Hossein Kazemi, PhD, CFA
Senior Advisor @FDP Institute
Dr. Hossein Kazemi, Ph.D., CFA, is the Sr. Advisor to the FDP Program. Dr. Kazemi assists with the development of the CAIA and FDP program curriculum, he serves as the editor of Alternative Investment Analyst Review, which is published by the CAIA Association. Dr. Kazemi has been involved in the CAIA Association since inception as a senior adviser and board member. Dr. Kazemi is a Professor of Finance at the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Dr. Kazemi is currently the Director of the Center for International Securities & Derivatives Markets, a nonprofit organization devoted to research in the area of alternative investments, a co-founder of the CAIA Association, and home to CISDM Hedge Fund/CTA Database and the Journal of Alternative Investments, the official research publication of the CAIA Association. He has a Ph.D. in finance from the University of Michigan.
Keith Black, PhD, CAIA, CFA, FDP
Managing Director, Program Director @FDP Institute
Keith Black has over thirty years of financial market experience. He currently serves as Managing Director and Program Director for the FDP Institute. He previously was a Managing Director at the CAIA Association, where he co-authored several editions of the level I and II CAIA curriculum. As a consultant, Keith advised institutional investors on their asset allocation and manager selections in hedge funds, commodities, and managed futures. Prior experience includes trading commodity and equity derivatives and building quantitative stock selection models. Dr. Black previously served as an assistant professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology. He has published in a number of journals, including The Journal of Wealth Management and The Journal of Alternative Investments. Dr. Black earned a BA from Whittier College, an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University, and a PhD from the Illinois Institute of Technology. He holds the CFA, CAIA, and FDP Charters.