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ADISA & CAIA Presentation on Risk Management in Investment Strategies
Please join Keith Black, PhD, CFA, CAIA, FDP and John Harrison, MBA, CRCP, CAE, Executive Director at ADISA as they examine a range of risk management issues, including investment strategy risk, market and tail risk, investment process risk, and operational risk. The presentation will review various internal control procedures and assess some of the sources of liquidity risk in the alternative investment context. In addition, Keith Black will discuss risk mitigation practices and offer a current look at typical causes for fund failures. Risk management is a necessary and powerful component to successful investing in alternative asset classes.

- Risk Management
- Stated Investment Strategy Risks
- Managing Market Risk
- The Three Fund Functions
- Investment Process Risk
- Operational Risk
- Internal Control Procedures
- Potential Interaction of Operational Errors and Market Risks


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